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Join my Music Family...

We conduct several courses and workshops to teach Indian Classical Music.


Creative innovation in Hindustani Classical music has been the key to Rajendra Kandalgaonkar’s growth as an artist. Moving into the depths of Raga, he understands and responds to the emotional environment and the nature of the Raga. As he evokes the “alaap” of raga he builds a rapport with his audience. With original thought in “layakari” and “taans”, he performs with both the expected and unexpected surprises. This gives his singing a distinct and very attractive flavour.

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Our Activities


  • This distance learning programme is aimed at students to take keen interest in Hindustani Classical Music.
  • Through the medium of this course we would like to offer guidance to those students who are unable to avail training in classical music due to geographical constraints.
  • The course is open to students who are beginners as well as trained singers.
  • The course will be different for different levels of competencies.

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